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What makes selling with Fairhouse unique?

100% transparent and fair bidding process.

All bids are processed exclusively through our portal and are directly visible to you, as the seller, without exchanging information with other brokers. This gives everyone a chance at a fair deal and we guarantee the confidentiality of every transaction.

Fixed prices

With us, you will find fixed prices, without hidden bonus schemes or a percentage of the transaction price. So you know exactly where you stand. We make it fair and simple for you.

Complete and comprehensive property file

Before a viewing, potential buyers can view the complete property file online, including the architectural report. This allows them to make the right choice faster and avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards. 100% transparent.

Selling together

We start with an online viewing, followed by your personal tour. After all, you know your house best, and rest assured, all potential buyers are already well-informed and enthusiastic about the property.

Modern software and marketing tools

Potential buyers can schedule an online viewing for your house 24/7. Furthermore, your property is promoted via all our communication channels.


We offer extensive presentation packages, sales styling and have our own in-house photographer.

Step by step

Our working method

Step 01
Step 01 Online consultation

Get an insight into our transparent approach. Here, our broker answers all your questions and tells you how we can help you.

Step 02
Step 02 Valuation and advice

Within 48 hours we will send you a valuation with the most recent transactions and our sales advice.

Step 03
Step 03 Fairhouse Knowledge Base

After signing the service agreement, you get access to our knowledge base.

Step 04
Step 04 Upload documents

Through our online portal, you can digitally complete the questionnaire and effortlessly upload all documents of the house.

Step 05
Step 05 Property intake

We take photos, a home video, a VR tour, measurement report and exclusive digital viewing.

Step 06
Step 06 Building inspection

During the home intake, the house undergoes a structural inspection so we can fully inform the buyer about the structural condition.

Step 07
Step 07 Marketing

Using the very latest software and modern marketing tools, we ensure maximum exposure for your home and find the right buyers.

Step 08
Step 08 Viewings

Buyers can schedule a viewing of your home 24/7 and receive our digital viewing video, followed by your personal tour.

Step 09
Step 09 Bidding and negotiations

All bids go exclusively through our portal and are directly visible to you, 100% fair and transparent.

Step 10
Step 10 Signing the purchase agreement

We create and check the purchase agreement, ensure quick digital signing and keep track of important dates for you.

Step 11
Step 11 Moving house

It's time to move. At Fairhouse, we're happy to help you through to the end.

Step 12
Step 12 Inspection and handover

Together with you and the buyers, we inspect the house and go with you to the notary for the transfer.

Selling fair with Fairhouse

why Fairhouse

Fairhouse sales service

BAre you ready to sell your home together and make the housing market fairer? Then become a fairhouse member. Change is in your hands.

Who does what when selling? We...

  • Meet online via zoom and make a valuation and sales advice

  • Be present during the technical inspection and photography

  • Create a unique digital viewing video

  • Provide a complete online property file

  • Determine the sales strategy together with you

  • Place your house on Funda, Pararius and social media channels

  • Negotiate the best selling price for you

  • Check everything legally

  • Draw up the sales agreement (with the exception of Amsterdam)

  • Be present during the final inspection and transfer at the notary's office

And you...

  • Submit all necessary information and documents to our portal

  • Does the viewings yourself

  • Signs the sales agreement

  • Be present during the final inspection and handover.

Fixed and fair prices
Our prices

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Fairhouse is the alternative in the housing market. For everyone who is fed up with non-transparent processes, unfair practices and prices, and who values quality and sustainability.

You choose Fairhouse because you also believe that real estate can be more honest, easier, and more transparent. By automating, digitizing part of the traditional broker's work, and by doing the viewings yourself, we can offer our services at a competitive rate. In short, you save thousands of euros!

Our team consists of certified brokers, data specialists, photographers, content creators, marketing specialists, stylists. Everyone does what they love and is an expert in. And that results in the best outcome for you.

We work more transparently, fairly, efficiently, and sustainably. Our entire process is transparent and partly online and automated. This saves us a lot of time and therefore saves you a lot of money. We charge a fixed price for everyone, regardless of the transaction price. That's only fair.

We create a digital viewing (video) of every home and tell all ins and outs. You do the viewings yourself. And no, you don't have to play the broker, but just tell what makes your house so nice, who the neighbors are, and what's fun to do in the neighborhood. This saves a lot of driving back and forth (read time) and therefore money for you. In addition, it's also nice to see everyone and you know your home better than we do. And last but not least. We love people and our planet, so we focus on sustainable relationships and making homes more sustainable. That's our passion!

We are not an online broker, but a hybrid broker. Part of our process is online, but the other part remains face to face. In our opinion, as a broker, you cannot purchase a property without having been there. A property needs to be felt and seen, and we attach great importance to personal contact. Finally, we really value people and our planet. It's not just about making money for us, we are committed to living more sustainably!



We charge €1200 in startup costs. This includes a building inspection. When we have sold the property, you pay a commission via the settlement of the notary. We work with fixed prices and scales. No bonus schemes or percentage of the selling price. We think that's fair.

You can reach Fairhouse via Whatsapp, phone, or email, or you can schedule a free online introductory meeting.

The startup costs must be paid online (via ideal). After that, the process starts.

The commission is based on the sale price of your home. We work with fixed prices and scales. No bonus schemes or percentage of the selling price. We think that's fair.

Shall we get acquainted?


Our door is always open for you. You can also email, text, or call us, of course.