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At Fairhouse, we believe in our clients as the best ambassadors. If you know a friend in need of a good sales, buying or rental agent, we have good news. If you refer your friend to Fairhouse, you will receive €250 and your friend will get €250 cashback. It's a win-win situation! Invite them below.

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    Sign up for our Fairhouse referral programme today and start earning money.

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    Let your friends know about Fairhouse by sharing your unique link on your social media. When your friends follow the link and buy, sell or rent a home through Fairhouse, you benefit.

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    As soon as your friend successfully buys, sells or rents a property through Fairhouse, we deposit €250 into your account. Your friend also gets €250 cash-back. Double the fun!

You have the questions

We have the answers

If you are already a Fairhouse ambassador, you can give out discounts. In your profile, you will find a unique code that you can use to make friends and family happy. If they register with Fairhouse through your link and then buy, sell or rent a house, they will receive €250 discount on their final bill, and you will receive €250 cashback deposited into your account within 2 weeks of delivery.

Yes, you can share the unique link as many times as you like. There is no limit to the number of times you can share the discount. You will receive the discount once your friends have successfully bought, sold or rented a home through Fairhouse.

As soon as your friends have signed up with the unique link and bought, sold or rented a house with Fairhouse, we will deposit the money into your account within 14 days.

Each transaction proceeds at its own pace. Your friends will receive €250 off their final bill upon delivery, and you will receive €250 cashback to your account, even if your own house has not yet been bought, sold or rented. So, no worries!