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What makes our purchase service special

Hybdrid service

Our service is partly online and partly face-to-face, always with your personal broker.

Online onboarding meeting

We create a property search for you and send you suitable listings. As a bonus, you will receive a nice welcome gift to make your search even more successful.

Fair and fixed prices

We have put together packages especially for you, so you will know in advance exactly what the costs will be. No surprises, just clarity.

Knowledge base

Ready to buy a house? We are happy to share our knowledge with you. We have created e-courses and handy checklists to help you prepare even better.

Buying together

You have the flexibility to view houses on your own schedule. After the viewing, your personal broker will contact you to see if we can proceed with the property.

Extensive home analysis

Before making an offer, we analyse and value the house and give you fair advice.

We simplify the purchasing process

Onze werkwijze

Step 01
Step 01 Online consultation

Get an insight into our innovative approach. Here, our broker will answer all your questions and tell you how we can help you.

Step 02
Step 02 Online onboarding meeting

We create a property search for you and send you suitable listings.

Step 03
Step 03 Fairhouse Kennisbank

After signing the service contract, you get access to our knowledge base.

Step 04
Step 04 Viewings

You have the flexibility to view houses on your own schedule. After the viewings, your personal broker will contact you to see if we can proceed with the property.

Step 05
Step 05 Property analysis

Before making the offer, we will make an analysis and valuation of the house and give you a fair advice.

Step 06
Step 06 Bidding and negotiations

Your broker sends an offer on your behalf and negotiates for the best result.

Step 07
Step 07 Offer accepted

Congratulations, the offer has been accepted! We now get to work on the further steps to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Step 08
Step 08 Building inspection

Before signing the purchase agreement, we have a standard architectural inspection carried out so you know exactly what you are buying.

Step 09
Step 09 Signing the purchase agreement

We check the purchase agreement, explain it to you step by step, and monitor important dates so you don't miss any crucial moments.

Step 10
Step 10 Financing and valuation

After signing the purchase agreement, a mortgage advisor from Expat Morgatage or IkBenFrits will arrange your mortgage.

Step 11
Step 11 The keys

Together with you and the buyers, we will inspect the house and go with you to the notary for the transfer and give you the keys to your new home.

Step 12
Step 12 Time to move

It's time to move. At Fairhouse, we're happy to help you through to the end.

Fair buying with Fairhouse

why Fairhouse

Fairhouse purchasing service

Are you ready to buy a house together and make real estate fairer? Then become a fairhouse member. Change is in your hands.

Who does what when buying? We...

  • Discuss your housing needs online

  • Forward your offer (before the market)

  • Contact you after every viewing

  • Check the property file

  • Make 5 property analyses and give you advice

  • Submit the offer and take care of the negotiations

  • Be present during the technical inspection and final inspection

  • Check the sales agreement and documents from the notary

and you...

  • Keep us informed of all scheduled appointments

  • Goes to view the houses yourself and sends us photos and videos

  • Sign the sales agreement

  • Be present during the building inspection, inspection and notary.

Fixed and fair prices
Our prices

No obligation - get started immediately

Our succes storiews

We the answers

You have questions



Fairhouse is the alternative in the housing market. For everyone who is fed up with non-transparent processes, unfair practices and prices, and who values quality.

We work more transparently, easily, and fairly. Our entire process is transparent and partly online and automated. This saves us a lot of time and therefore saves you a lot of money. We charge a fixed price for everyone, regardless of the transaction price. That's only fair. We create a digital viewing (video) of every house and tell all ins and outs. You do the viewings yourself. And no, you don't have to act like the real estate agent, but simply share what makes your house so great, who the neighbors are, and what fun things there are to do in the area. This saves a lot of driving back and forth (read: time) and therefore saves you money again. Additionally, it's also nice to meet everyone, and you know your house better than we do. And last but not least. We love people and our planet, so we focus on sustainable relationships and making homes more sustainable. That's our passion!

We are not an online broker, but a hybrid broker. Part of our process is online, but the other part remains face to face. In our opinion, you cannot purchase a property without having been there. A home must be felt and seen, and we place great value on personal contact. Unlike Walter and Libero, we are members of the VBO trade organization and have even more and more up-to-date data.


We charge €300,- start-up costs for creating a search profile, forwarding offers and this includes 5 property analyses/bids. When we have purchased your dream home together, we offer you a total package per target group. This package includes not only our commission but also a bid insurance, mortgage advice, notary costs, and valuation. This way, you won't face any surprises afterwards and you pay less. Of course, we only work with good parties and have negotiated good prices. In short, this saves you a lot of time and money.

You can reach Fairhouse via Whatsapp, phone, or email, or you can schedule a free online introductory meeting.

No, we do not charge cancellation fees. The start-up costs are not refunded.

Shall we get acquainted?


Our door is always open for you. You can also email, text, or call us, of course.