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What makes our rental service special

Registration and draw.

At Fairhouse, suitable tenants can register for your house. The new tenant is selected through a draw. 100% fair and transparent.

Fair and fixed prices

With us, you will find fixed prices, without hidden bonus schemes or a percentage of the transaction price. We make it fair and simple for you.

Quality and checked tenants

Potential tenants fulfil the predefined income requirements and are screened before the viewings take place.

Renting together

We start with an online viewing, followed by your personal tour. After all, you know your home best, and rest assured, all prospective tenants are already well-informed and enthusiastic about your home.

Modern software and marketing tools

Potential tenants can schedule a viewing for your property online 24/7. Furthermore, your property is promoted through all our communication channels.


We offer extensive presentation packages, rental styling and have our own photographer.

Step by step

Onze werkwijze

Step 01
Step 01 Online consultation

Get an insight into our innovative approach. Here, our broker will answer all your questions and tell you how we can help you.

Step 02
Step 02 Valuation and advice

Within 48 hours, we will send you a property valuation with the most recent transactions and our sales advice.

Step 03
Step 03 Fairhouse knowledge base

After signing the service agreement, you get access to our online knowledge base.

Step 04
Step 04 Upload documents

Through our portal, you can digitally complete the questionnaire and effortlessly upload all documents of the house.

Step 05
Step 05 Property intake

We take photos, a home video, a VR tour, measurement report and an exclusive digital viewing.

Step 06
Step 06 Marketing

Using the very latest software and modern marketing tools, we ensure maximum exposure for your home.

Step 07
Step 07 Tenant screening

Potential tenants fulfil the predefined income requirements and are screened before the viewings take place..

Step 08
Step 08 Viewings

Potential tenants can schedule a viewing at your property 24/7 and receive our digital viewing video, followed by your personal tour.

Step 09
Step 09 Fair allocation

At Fairhouse, screened tenants can register for your house. Via a draw, the new tenant is selected. 100% fair and transparent.

Step 10
Step 10 Quality check

The selected tenant then goes through another credit check, WWFT.

Step 11
Step 11 Signing the rental agreement

We draw up the rental agreement, arrange the digital signing and you receive the tenants' deposit and rent immediately.

Step 12
Step 12 Check-in rapport

We prepare a report with photos, relevant aspects and note meter readings

Waarom fairhouse

Fairhouse rental service

Are you ready to rent out your property together and make the housing market fairer? Then become a fairhouse member. Change is in your hands.

Who does what for rentals? We...

  • Meet online via zoom and make a valuation and rental advice

  • Present your property like no other with our deluxe presentation package consisting of professional photos, a VR tour, a home video and video tour with voice over and subtitles

  • Create a unique digital viewing video

  • Determine the rental strategy together with you

  • Place your house on Funda, Pararius and all our social media channels

  • Screening the tenants intensely

  • Draw up the rental agreement

  • Be present during the check-in and make an inspection report including photos

and you...

  • Deliver all necessary information and documents in our portal

  • Does the viewings yourself

  • Signs the rental agreement digitally

  • Be present during the check-in

Fixed and fair prices

Our succes stories

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Fairhouse is the alternative on the housing market. For everyone who is done with non-transparent processes, unfair practices and prices, and who values quality.

We work more fairly, easily, and transparently. Our entire process is transparent and partially online and automated. This saves us a lot of time and therefore saves you a lot of money. We charge a fixed price for everyone, regardless of the rental price. That's only fair. We create a digital viewing (video) of every home and tell all ins and outs. You do the viewings yourself. And no, you don't have to play the real estate agent, but just tell what makes your house so nice, who the neighbors are, and what there is fun to do in the neighborhood. This saves a lot of driving back and forth (read: time) and therefore saves you money. It's also nice to see everyone, and you know your property better than we do. As the only real estate agent, we have our own knowledge base, in which we share all our knowledge with you. So, we keep no secrets. 



We charge €750 in startup costs and a fixed rate of €1,000 when we have rented out your property.

You can reach Fairhouse via Whatsapp, phone, or email, or you can schedule a free online introductory meeting.

No, we do not charge cancellation fees. The startup package for rental is not returned.

Shall we get acquainted?


Our door is always open for you. You can also email, text, or call us, of course.