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Hello, we are Fairhouse

We offer you a new way to sell, buy and rent your home fair and together.

We believe that things can and should be different in the year 2024. Fairer, easier and more transparent. Using the latest technology and tools, data and our knowledge base, we do it together. This is how it can be done.

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We make it fair for everyone

We make the viewing and bidding process clear and fair. All bids go exclusively through our bidding portal and are transparent. At fairhouse, we work with fixed and fair prices. No bonus agreements or percentage of the transaction price. We also ensure that everyone has an equal and fair chance with our bid insurance and lottery system (when renting out). .

We make it easy for you

You can easily upload and sign documents via our portal. You can schedule viewings 24/7 using our booking tool. You can easily reach us by Whatsapp, phone or email. And we share all our knowledge and experience with you in our knowledge base. Here you will find videos, tips and checklists so you can easily do the viewings yourself.

We make it transparent

Prior to a viewing, a potential buyer gets access to a complete online property file, including an architectural report, valuation and recent transactions. As a buyer, you know before the viewing what the structural condition of the house is and what the house is worth based on all the data. This allows you as a buyer to make an appropriate offer faster. That makes everyone happy and avoids hassles later in the process.

Change is
in your hands

Together we can make the housing market fairer.

In recent years, estate agents have not been very positive in the news. Reports of tying, unfair bidding practices, housing discrimination and so on. It would be hypocritical to say that we have never pushed up the price in the past. Of course we have participated in that too. Together with you, we want to make real estate brokerage fairer and more transparent. Using the latest technology and tools and a different mindset, we can do it. The choice is yours.


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Personal attention to you. Selling together. A head start with the right data, tools and knowledge

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Personal attention for you. A bid insurance and total package. An advantage through the right data, tools and knowledge

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Rental service

Personal attention for you. Renting together. A head start with the right data, tools and knowledge

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Who we are

The team at Fairhouse is groundbreaking, honest, optimistic and human. This is not only our identity, but also our way of working. We make the process easier and more fun, always with you in mind rather than the transaction. Our team is ready to help you create your unique housing journey. Find out how we do it!

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Who we are
We are Fairhouse. And show that things can be done differently.
We do not think in transactions. But from a people perspective.
That's why Fairhouse. We are here for you.

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